“The coffice: the future of work?” Published in The Guardian The article explains the concept of the future office, or rather “kofis” in a very plain and clear language; half cafe, half office. Any cafe where you can connect to the internet instead of gray office buildings is not enough for you to do your work? Moreover, there is a wonderful coffee and cake…

You left a meeting and looked at navigation. What is this?! You have to spend 2 hours in traffic to go to the office. However, for the jobs you need to train, it is worth 2 hours, gold… In this case, what many of us do is enter a cafe and turn on the computer. Especially in big cities, it is very common to see people working at a computer while drinking coffee in a cafe. Moreover, in-store designs of cafes / coffee and tea shops are now shaped accordingly. Comfortable tables and chairs, lots of sockets and of course wi-fi…
Actually, that’s all you need in your office, right?

Changing Store Designs

In some cafes, it is so convinced that business people or students work that the library silence prevails. Other guests keep up with this. Therefore, shop designs are shaped according to this situation day by day. Architects design spaces with employees in mind. Tables that shrink in size but become functional, special lighting, proper seating and a socket under each table. Some cafes even have areas where customers can hold private meetings, and business people can book these areas for a specific time period by informing the shop. This working style, which has developed significantly in our country especially in the last 5 years, seems to gain much more importance in the coming years. In other words, in new cafe / office designs, architects and designers will continue to combine the features of the food and beverage industry and digital and mobile solutions offered by technological companies.

Changing Offices

While the cafes adapt itself to this new business life, companies are not empty, of course. They are also signing significant changes in office buildings. Designs for the offices of the future are inspired by cafes and hotel lobbies. So it brings socialization to the fore. The concept of an open office is being developed to contribute to the process of collective thinking and creation by moving forward. It seems that workspaces in the workplace are inspiring and motivating for the employee, digital transformation of these fields, currents in new office designs, future workplace designs and the needs of the Y generation employees will continue to be important issues and important in the agenda. Because the researches show that people working in social and new generation offices own the company they work with, enjoy their work more and increase their efficiency. As a result, mobility and digital transformation, increasing their importance day by day, also affect and improve their way of working. It is impossible for the concept of traditional office to disappear in the short term, but it is an indisputable fact that the concept of mobile office will become an alternative way of working.