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Industrial Manufacturer of Global Brands

Starting its activities in 2000, Uludağ Endüstriyel Reklam A.Ş. has been providing design, project, production, logistics, and assembly services to its customers for 20 years. We produce industrial advertising solutions for corporate identity applications, digital and screen printing, street furniture, in-store applications, product display stands, giant totem and outdoor visual applications.


Our investment is future, our goal is the human being that shops in ideal circumstances. It is our mission to add permanent aesthetic values to the society we live in with every service we provide and every product we produce, and to create places and products that ensure brand experience.


Our vision is to be among the leading companies in the sector by offering the highest added value in a reliable, permanent, and innovative structure that always satisfies our customers, employees, and shareholders and meets the needs and expectations of the industry.

We are
committed to
continuous improvement
We are committed to continuous improvement

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to adding value to brands and to ‘continuously improve’ with our reliable and innovative structure. Our only goal since the first day of our journey has been quality. We achieved success in the sector by developing ourselves with each passing day and bringing quality one step ahead of our times.

We partner with global brands
Our Occupational Health and Safety Processes

Uludağ Endüstriyel Reklam A.Ş. regulates all its operations and structures in accordance with all relevant legal regulations. The company is constantly controlled with the service received from a legal firm on Occupational Health and Safety. In addition, the health checks of all personnel are carried out regularly and all improvements are made in the work areas to prevent occupational accidents.

For us, security and the human being come before anything else. We care about human life, not only to comply with the legislation, and we take all necessary training and precautions.

We think not only about today but also tomorrow and care about environmental awareness in order to leave a clean world for future generations and as Uludağ Endüstriyel Reklam A.Ş., we raise environmental awareness. In this regard, we raise awareness not only among our own staff but also among our suppliers and engineers with whom we cooperate.

Our Strategy

The strategy we adopt, in addition to providing tailor-made services to brands and retail customers in the leading consumer markets in our region, is to benefit them from our principle of sharing the resources and information of our global suppliers and partners.

As a pioneering company in the industry, our primary strategy is;
To grow while increasing the service quality in our main businesses, advertisement and decoration products production,
To increase our current customer portfolio and service variety by profit-oriented growing,
To grow by evaluating new business opportunities in the fields of advertisement, furniture, construction, and lighting in the domestic and international market,
Developing new business platforms that will enrich our relationship with our customers through our competence.

Our Service Process

We are a reliable solution partner that you can entrust the entire scope of your projects. With our competencies that we gather under one roof, we produce your project-specific products in our own factory, carry out logistics and assembly, and offer service and maintenance services to our customers for all our products and services.

Project Management

The requirements of the customer and the brand are combined with the project objectives and more effective requirements for use and cooperation. Our services; point-based discovery and point-specific projecting, informative drafts, just, inquiry, project planning in initial conditions, real state status reports.


By preparing one or more samples to maximize designs before the final presentation, we enable you to experience the created concept and set your return on investment goals that allow the detection of necessary changes through in-store testing. Our services; preliminary work sample, improvement suggestions, detailed product features and pricing.

Logistics & Assembly

Our experienced logistics service teams specialize in the management of highly comprehensive logistics and on-site installation projects. We use an international network of expert transportation and installation partners selected to ensure that your products are delivered on time and in line with your budget. Our services; communication and management efficiency, long and short term storage solutions, local and global transportation and installation services.

Value Engineering

We see value engineering as the stage where we add the most value to the process. Our project management teams work closely with our customers and their partners, agents and architects to ensure that the final product to be delivered will be of the best price and quality. Our services; production drawings, detailed product recipes, product variations, creation of raw material semi-product and product codes, and detailed cost analysis reports.

Service & Maintenance

In a maintenance or renewal program that is carried out as required, we maximize your return on investment and environmental goals, and ensure that the existing durability is extended. Our services; spare parts, on-site and factory environment maintenance and repair services, instant on-site intervention, transportation and storage services.


We are aware that efforts to reduce carbon footprints are vital. For this reason, we shape our production within the framework of environmental standards we apply throughout our entire process flow from recycling design to assembly. Our services; Various recycling services, taking into account issues related to disassembly and approved waste management.


Experience & Brilliant

We realise all of our productions in our 2,500 m² production facility, a part of which is devoted to visual communication products and the other to corporate furniture production.

With our experienced staff, we produce the highest quality products for our customers by using the latest techniques and the newest technology and quality control systems. In addition to processing the main raw materials such as metal, wood, acrylic and vinyl, we also offer services such as lighting, digital printing and flooring to our customers under one roof. Because of these competencies we have, we call ourselves a ‘one-stop solution partner’.


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