THE FUTURE Awaiting Us In “Business”

The world turns and everything turns. At a level that makes us think about how to catch up with your speed! There are no more inventions to amaze mankind, but innovations every day on invented took the change in life to an incredible level. In the science fiction movies we watched 30 years ago, “Could it be?” Everything we say is now usual. Those who find the movie Artificial Intelligence once absurd and exaggerated are attention; that movie was made in 2001. In fact, it only dates back to 19 years, and when you look at it, until recently, even artificial intelligence was not in our lives.

We got used to the fact that the phones get so small and enter our pocket, and then they can take very clear pictures. Then these phones gradually gained computer features and new features started to enter our pocket day by day. We started to send and receive emails, and as social media began to become widespread, we made it a part of our business and social life with applications suitable for the operating system of the device we use. The acceleration and spread of the Internet has brought about the global development of commerce, which has led to a change in the consumer culture and the emergence of new business models. And in these new business models, the impact of artificial intelligence and developing information technologies is enormous. Now we can not only send and receive mail, but also make video calls with the other end of the world. This eliminates the need for offices in many sectors.

So, how does the transformation in offices take place? Even a short historical trip is enough. Bring the offices of 20-30 years ago to your mind: There were classical office furniture, desks, uncomfortable chairs and desktop computers that covered the table. There’s no need to go before the computer because it doesn’t go beyond dramatizing the work. The director had to be the assistant manager and each unit had its own rooms. As the importance of socialization increased in business life, as teamwork and collective business forms developed, managers left their rooms and offices were opened like pumpkin flowers. Open office period has begun. In these offices, everyone saw and heard each other. As a popular form of office, we can still see open offices at the headquarters of many companies. Computers became smaller, portable in hand and bag, and space was opened on tables.

The transformation did not stop with this, the development of the internet and its availability everywhere reduced the number of employees. Let’s Fix: Reduced the number of employees in the office. While it is a big problem to catch up from one place to another, especially in big metropolises such as Istanbul, developing technologies make traffic a problem. Wherever the internet is available, it becomes available as an office. More precisely, even if there is no internet, it can be office everywhere. You started seeing teleconferencing in your car, didn’t you? This situation did not change offices, in fact, it moved offices! And where our brains are! Today, more and more cafes are designed for employees. Free internet facilities and table designs where devices can be charged are now indispensable especially for cafe and restaurant chains. While furniture designs are carried out accordingly, everything from music to menu, from lighting to session layout is created with business people in mind. Because the future waiting for us in “business” is this: Our brain will be our office. It doesn’t matter where we are. It is obvious that when this scenario takes place, whether the concept of office disappears for each sector, it is obvious that it is a subject that is open to discussion.

And the developments show that the shifting work-private life balance can be completely shaken in a short time. Even if those who leave their office today start preparing for an office that they will not be able to leave tomorrow in any way, it is not bad!